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The 50th Ward is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. We have some of the best parks and schools in the City of Chicago, and we have a beautiful new public library. See below for information about many of the public buildings and spaces that make the 50th Ward so great!

Parks and Green Space

The 50th Ward has more than 100 acres of parks, living up to Chicago’s motto: Urbs in Horto—city in a garden. From boasting one of the city’s only cultural centers at Indian Boundary, to containing tucked away natural areas like Thillens Park, our neighborhood has enough green spaces for every nature lover.

Northtown Library

The 50th Ward is served by the Northtown Library—a 16,000 square foot facility located at 6800 N. Western, at the corner of Pratt and Western. For more information, including library hours, click here.

The new Northtown Library was opened in 2019, after years of advocacy from Alderman Silverstein and the 50th Ward community. It is a state-of-the-art facility, which features all the modern amenities, including an early learning area, YOUmedia center, a children’s area, a teen area, and of course, ample stacks of books.

The building also features 44 units of CHA senior housing above the library, managed by Evergreen Real Estate Services. Learn more at www.northtownapts.com.

50th Ward Public Schools

The 50th Ward has some of the best schools in the City of Chicago. Featuring eight public schools and many more private and religious schools, the neighborhood has excellent options to fit every child and family’s educational needs.

Jamieson Elementary School

Jamieson Elementary

Address: 5650 N. Mozart St.

Phone: (773) 534-2579

Website: www.jamieson.cps.edu

Jamieson Elementary, a level 1+ rated neighborhood school, has been associated with excellence in education for more than 70 years. The faculty and staff are committed to providing students with a broad range of educational experiences and opportunities.

Philip Rogers School of Fine Arts

Rogers Elementary

Address: 7345 N. Washtenaw Ave.

Phone: (773) 534-2125

Website: www.philiprogersschool.org

Rogers School is an ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse neighborhood school currently serving over 700 pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students. The goal is to provide students with an environment that will allow all of them to reach their maximum potential, to learn to think critically, and to find joy in learning. 

Decatur Classical School

Decatur Classical School

Address: 7030 N. Sacramento Ave.

Phone: (773) 534-2201

Website: www.decaturclassical.org

Decataur is a selective enrollment school. They celebrate the incredible ability children have to learn and provide an unrivaled educational experience that is defined by a culture of positive social, cognitive, and individualized development. 

George Armstrong School of International Studies

Armstrong Elementary

Address: 2110 W. Greenleaf Ave.

Phone: (773) 534-2150

Website: www.georgearmstrongelementary.org

George B. Armstrong is a neighborhood school of international studies and aims to connect academic programs to students’ cultural heritages. Armstrong offers facilities for science and art. The school’s major partners include S&C Electric Co. and Junior Achievement.

Mosaic School of Fine Arts (formerly Boone)

Mosaic School of Fine Arts

Address: 6710 N. Washtenaw Ave.

Phone: (773) 534-2160

Website: mosaic.cps.edu

As a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School, Mosaic’s Expressive Arts teachers provide instruction in Visual Art, Dance, Music, Drama, Library, and Physical Education. They also integrate the arts throughout the curriculum to ensure that students have regular opportunities to perform, share, and explore their artistic and athletic abilities.

West Ridge Elementary

West Ridge Elementary

Address: 6700 N. Whipple St.

Phone: (773) 534-8250

Website: www.westridgeelementary.org

West Ridge Elementary is a neighborhood school in one of the most diverse areas of Chicago. Programs such as English as a Second Language, Special Education in a Least Restrictive Enviroment, and Enrichment Programs are available for qualified students.

Stone Scholastic Academy

Stone Scholastic Academy

Address: 6239 N. Leavitt St.

Phone: (773) 534-2045

Website: www.westridgeelementary.org

Stone Scholastic Academy was designated as a magnet school in 1982. Stone is a school with students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. The importance of the arts is emphasized through many partnerships, including an arts residency at every grade.

Clinton Elementary

DeWitt Clinton Elementary School

Address: 6110 N. Fairfield Ave.

Phone: (773) 534-2025

Website: www.clinton.cps.edu

DeWitt Clinton is a neighborhood school serving Pre-K through eighth grade students in the West Ridge and Rogers Park communities. Clinton is rated a Level 1+, the best rating for a Chicago Public School. Additionally, Clinton is a recipient of the Comprehensive Gifted Program for qualifying students in Grades 1-8.